Printable Bug Puppets (PDF Template)

Are your kids ready to party with these bugs? We hope they are, as we have 10 beyond cute printable bug puppets waiting for them.

From buzzing bees to cute as-a-bug ladybugs! Many creepy crawlies to make and play with.

Printable Bug Puppets

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Perfect spring craft for kids to make or a cool addition to your bugs unit study. Let’s see them all in action.

Printable Bug Puppets Ant Butterfly

Get ready for giggles and fluttering fun with this cute ant and butterfly finger puppet duo!

Printable Bug Puppets Bee Ladybug

Bumble and buzz around with our charming bee and a ladybug.

Printable Bug Puppets Beetle Moth

Hop on a backyard adventure with our beetle and moth finger puppets!

Printable Bug Puppets Grasshopper Firefly

Our lively grasshopper and firefly finger puppet pair will be a hit among kids!

Printable Bug Puppets Mantis Dragonfly

How about a big mantis and a flying dragonfly puppet?

How to Make Printable Bugs Puppets

What you need:

  • our printable template
  • coloring supplies (optional)
  • scissors
  • glue
Materials Used

Step by Step Tutorial

We’ll show you how to make the bee (all puppets are assembled in the same way).

Step 1

Have kids color the bee (crayons or coloring pens for regular paper, markers are OK with cardstock).

Step 2

Cut out the puppet by following the dashed line. Also cut out the two paper strips.

Step 3

Have kids fold along the dashed lines on the puppet.

Step 4

Next, help them make an inward fold along the center of the mouth (shown in the image below).

Step 5

Have them create crease along the middle dashed line.

Step 6

Run your fingers across each fold, just to make everything extra smooth.

Step 7

With the folds completed, the bee’s mouth should be closed.

Step 8

Next make folds on the paper strips (along the dashed line).

Step 9

Apply glue to the first folded paper strip, making sure to cover the entire surface area marked with “glue”.

Step 10

Have kids stick one paper strip handle on the top side (back) of the puppet.

Step 11

Have them apply glue to the second paper strap as well.

Step 12

And glue it on the bottom, creating loops for the fingers.

Allow the glue to dry completely.

Step 12-1

Once the glue is dry, kids can insert their fingers into the loops and enjoy playing with their new bee finger puppet!

Step 13

Encourage them to create stories and scenarios, boosting their imagination and storytelling skills.

Step 14

Now it’s time to swarm the room with even more buzzworthy fun!

Printable Bug Puppets

Get ready to create an entire colony of printable bug finger puppets that’ll have you buzzing with excitement.


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