Printable Bug Puppets

If you need a fun bug themed activity to do with your kids or students – grab these printable bug puppets templates and have lots of fun.

Printable Bug Paper Puppets Templates for Kids

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We love creating all kinds of puppets for kids to make as these are not only a fun crafting activity but a paper toy kids can play with for quite some time.

Bugs are a perfect theme for a session of spring crafting with kids, this little creatures go from super adorable to eek and scary (if you ask me, a person who’s terrified of spiders).

We’ve created a whole bunch of fun printable bug puppets for kids to make and play with, and we have a whole bunch of new ones planned – made in different ways and all equally fun.

Printable Bug Hand Puppets

This is the first buggy series we made and it sure is the fun one! We made 5 different species and one is more fun than the other.

You Can Watch The Video Tutorial To See How They Are Done

We have a separate video tutorial for each of these puppets too.

The busy bee

Kicking off our collection of printable bug puppets is the always busy bee!

As both my grandfathers were bee keepers, bees always had a special place in my heart, so it’s only fitting to start the bug puppet collection with a wonderful bee idea.

Bee Paper Hand Puppet Template Craft for KidsYou can grab a template to either color in or use as a stencil for this one. We’ve received quite a bit of feedback for these and kids love making them and playing with them.

Grab the template and learn how to make the bee puppet here.

The Beetles 🙂

Your kids can really get creative with the “regular beetle” puppets. There are so many textures they can use when decorating the shells.

You could even use metallic markers to give a shine to it. So many possibilities.

Beetle Paper Hand Puppet Template

Print the templates and start decorating your beetles.

See the step by step tutorial for making these beetles.

Another Bee

Printable Bee Puppet for Kids

See how to make this one with or without the template.

Fluttering butterfly

Now bees might have a special place in my heart, but butterflies seem to be the most popular in the bug puppet bunch.

From all the bug templates, this one certainly does have that “wow” factor as not only do the legs wiggle, the wings flap quite dramatically as you move your hands up and down. This gives the kids the perfect excuse to run around and move their hands.

Butterfly Paper Hand Puppet

It will be hard to make just one, and as per feedback we received, this one trully is a wonderful activity to do in the classroom.

Grab the template and make a kaleidoscope of butterflies

Count the dots on ladybugs

Ladybugs are pretty popular with the kids too.

Paper Ladybug Hand Puppet Craft for Kids

Grab your construction paper, scissors and glue and make these cute ladybugs.

Creepy Crawly Spiders

I won’t lie, these are not my favorite but most kids still do love spiders. As they should. Spiders are nice… Terrifying.. But nice :).

Spider Paper Hand Puppet Template Craft for Kids

Grab the spider puppet template.

Printable Bug Puppets for Kids

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