25+ Bug Crafts for Kids to Make

It is time to make some cute bug crafts with kids! All of these insect crafts are sweet and silly, and some even have an educational touch. There’s a bug project for kids of all ages to be found on this list, from simple bug craft ideas for preschool and toddlers to more challenging projects for older kids!

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Easy Bug Crafts for Kids

Oh, how we love all things bugs! We have selected some of the best kindergarten and preschool bug crafts ideas we have on the website (but we have quite a few more!).

If you are making these insect crafts in your classroom, we also recommend you print out our bee coloring pages or ladybug coloring pages for early finishers.

Also, check our bee drawing tutorial, how to draw a ladybug and draw a butterfly guide.

1. Consturction Paper Ladybug

One of our all-time favorites is this easy-to-make bug craft that kids will proudly display. See how to make this ladybug.

2. Pom Pom Caterpillars

This little pom pom caterpillars project is perfect for younger kids (preschool, kindergarten) as it helps kids work on their fine motor skills as they complete it.

3. Paper Strips Ladybugs

Fun Ladybug Paper Craft - Ladybug Crafts

We are head over heels in love when it comes to ladybugs. This is another of our most loved ladybug crafts.

4. Corner Bookmark Bug Crafts

Easy Bug Crafts

Reading should be encouraged at all times. Have your kids make these adorable bug bookmarks; they will be looking forward to reading their next book.

5. Exploring Life Cycles

We love to add an educational twist to some of our crafts, and this life cycle of a butterfly craft is a wonderful example.

6. Toilet Paper Roll Bee

One of the most popular crafting materials in many households are the toilet paper rolls (of if you are not fond of them, paper kitchen towel rolls). You can easily transform one into a bee.

7. Colorful Snails

While not exactly a bug, snails are often parts of the bugs study unit in preschool and kindergarten, so we just had to include these colorful snails on this list.

8. Bugs Clothespin Puppets

Bug Crafts

One of the most popular crafts on our website is, hands down, the printable bug clothespin puppets. Give them a try with your kids, and you will see why.

9. Beehive

When talking about bees, you can’t avoid talking about the amazing homes they build – let the kids make their own beehive.

10. Snap a photo!

Let your kids explore the life cycles of different bugs (we have 15 templates for this particular one) with our super fun camera snapshot craft templates.

11. Recycled bug craft

To make this recycled bug craft, a yogurt cup will do nicely. You can also make one from a terra cotta pot.

12. 3D caterpillar

Excite your little ones with this cool 3D caterpillar craft.

13. Honeycomb

Another wonderful bug crafts idea to explore with your kids. Have them make this honeycomb craft – it works really well with watercolors.

14. Craft Sticks Ladybug

Craft sticks are really versatile, and kids can create little wonders with them. One such cool idea is this craft stick ladybug.

15. Movable Butterfly Puppet

Did you make these when you were a kid? Movable puppets are the best! Print out our movable butterfly puppet, and you will see why.

16. Busy Bee

Learn how to make this simple paper bee craft.

17. Colorful Ladybugs

Ideas for bug crafts

While ladybugs are most commonly red they come in variety of colors. They are also super fun to make – just check out this tutorial.

18. Incy Wincy spiders

Not everyone is a fan of these insects, but they can be an inspiration for a cute insect craft. Make these adorable spiders.

19. Ladybug Life Cycle

Another wonderful 3D diorama to explore the life cycle of a ladybug.

20. Paper Rosette Bugs

Paper rosettes make a wonderful decoration for your home or your classroom. And they can be easily transformed into a variety of characters – just check out this ladybug.

21. Wonderful puppet bug crafts

Insect and bug crafts for kids

Yup, we are obsessed with bug puppets.

22. Finger Puppets

These bug finger puppets are perfect for storytime.

23. Paper Plate ladybug

There are many ways you can do a bug from a paper plate – we have a cool tutorial that will show you how to make a paper plate ladybug with movable wings.

24. Grasshopper craft

If you happen to have a styrofoam ball (or something of the sort) and don’t know what to do with it; try this grasshopper craft.

25. More butterflies

If you have scrapbook paper lying around (or any other paper, really, magazines work out great), you can make super colorful butterflies.

26. More spiders

Spider Crafts

These spiders are just so fun to play with.

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