Paper Cherry Craft – Fruit Craft Idea

Need a cool fruit craft idea to make with your kids? Why not give this paper cherry craft a go!

I am sure this simple technique will inspire many other fruits.Fun Paper Cherry Craft for Kids


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We have been getting quite a few requests to make fruit crafts for kids so we got our thinking hat on and got creative!

You will soon see a whole basket of fruit that we are working on but while you wait, we though this simple paper cherry craft will satisfy your crafting appetites.

What we love about this project the most is that once done it can be used in pretend play! Let the kids make a whole bunch of paper cherries and open up their own pretend play fruit shop.

Now let’s make some delicious looking paper crafts!

Simple Paper Cherry Craft for Kids

How to Make a Paper Cherry Craft

What you need:

  • red paper (we used regular red print paper)
  • green paper (construction paper is best)
  • circle punch or scissors
  • paper glue

Fun Paper Cherry Craft

Watch the Paper Cherry Craft Video Tutorial

Step by Step Instructions for Paper Cherry

Punch out a whole lot of circles out of red paper.

If you don’t have a circle punch, use a round template (glass, bottles) to draw a perfect circle and use it as a stencil. Cut out circles with scissors (we recommend cutting multiple layers of paper at the same time to make things a bit easier).

Cut a V shape out of green paper.

Glue 1 circle to each end of the V shape.

Fold all other circles in half. Folding multiple circles at a time will make things go faster.

Take one circle and apply glue to one half.

Glue it on another circle folded in half. Continue with another one (and another, and another).

You are aiming for a nice half globe shape. There is no rule in how many circles you need to glue together – it could be as little as 2 or as many as dozen (or more). It all depends on how “dense” you want your paper cherry craft to look in the end.

Apply glue on one circle on the V shape. Stick on the half globe.

Allow the glue to set.

Repeat and make another half globe. Glue it on the other circle.

Make two half globes more.

Flip the “cherry” and glue the half globes on the other sides of the circles on the V shape.

Your paper cherry craft is complete.

Paper Cherry Craft for Kids

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