Printable Halloween Quiet Book

Learn with a bunch of Halloween monsters and friends! This Printable Halloween Quiet Book will have your kids practice a variety of basic skills – sort the jars full of spooky ingredients, match shapes with Jack’o’Lanterns, make a bat smile and more.

Many fun activities to explore.

Printable Halloween Quiet Book for Kids

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Explore a whole range of fun activities for your kids in our printable Halloween quite book. Print the whole Halloween busy book or just pick the activities you think your kids will love the most. This book can be used by many as the activities cater to a range of ages. Laminate the sheets or use page protectors. Laminate the activity parts and attach Velcro on them (they can be used without Velcro too).

What do you need to make this bug activity book

  • our printable Halloween activity book
  • laminator and laminating pouches
  • optional page protectors
  • binder
  • paper and printer
  • Velcro dots or similar
  • scissors
  • glue stick for securing the small parts into laminating pouches

Printable Halloween Quiet Book Walk-trough the Activity Pages

Monster Colors

Let’s start off with some color practice. Match the colors and practice learning reading color names by matching the silly looking monsters.

Pumpkin Shapes

Look at all the scary Jack-o-Lanterns! Match the shapes (say the names out loud) to their outlines.

Counting Witches Jars

Witches need fine ingredients to make their potent potions. Count the ingredients in each of the jars and place them into correct place on the shelf.

All ingredients in stock.

Monster Face Match

Can you match all 6 faces to the right bodies? Make a mummy, skeleton, witch, vampire, werewolf and green monster.

Missing Letters of the Alphabet

Fill in the missing letters and make the bats whole.


Practice telling time with this fun cobweb clock.

Change the numbers on the dialog clock and move the hands of the clock accordingly.

Candy Corn Number Sense

Build up the candy corns – practice number sense for numbers 1 to 8.

Hat color sort

Look at the colors of hats and match them to right places.

Halloween Monster Silhouettes

Match the Silhouettes to Monsters

Face Changing Bat

Play with this bat’s facial expressions and flap his or her wings.

Make him angry, happy, cool, in love…

Happy Learning

Printable Halloween Quiet Book

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